Accounting Services

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Monthly Computerized Account

handling all account items each month and issue monthly reports included General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, etc.

Annual Computerized Finance Account 

handling whole year account at once and issue finance report and all reports include General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Bank and Cash Book, Bank reconciliation Statement, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, etc.

We will provide Fund Flow Statement and Accounting System Management Advise as requested.

Commercial paper handling services including banking and shipping documents.


Audit Service

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Pursuant to Section 373 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622), proper accounts and records must be kept to record every accounting transaction of the company which incorporated in Hong Kong, in after closing of the books, statement of account has to be prepared and awaiting for the audit to be performed by the external auditing firm. It is the legal requirement of the Companies Ordinance that the management of every company have to prepare annual financial statements which gives a true and fair view of the state of the financial affairs at the accounting date and the operating result for the year ended. This financial statements is used for the reference for members in the Annual General Meeting and the base of Profits Tax to avoid any unnecessary penalty and breach of the legal requirement of the Companies Ordinance and the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

C. K. Yuen & Company, Certified Public Accountants will provide the Professional Audit Services for your needs.

Taxation Consultancy and Service

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 To act as client’s tax representative, preparation and submit tax returns on time

Design Tax Planning to fit each company and individual to minimize tax exposure legally

Assistance in handling Inland Revenue Department inquiries, field audit and tax investigation 

Represent clients to handle objections and appeals 

Preparation of Employers and Employees Salaries Tax Returns 

Preparation of Property Tax Returns 

Application for Personal Assessment, etc. 

Company Secretarial Service

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Formation of Hong Kong and offshore companies

Provision of Nominee shareholder

Provision of registered office

Company Secretarial services included preparation of Annual Return and submits on time, Change of Director, 

Share Transfer, Change of Company Name and Increase of Capital, etc

Maintenance of statutory records included Members List, Directors List and Records of Share Transfer, etc.

Handling Business Registration Application

Deregistration and Liquidation consultancy and support


Management Consultancy Services

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Advices on Internal Control Systems

Design of Internal Control System




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